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Ceramic coatings

What is a ceramic coating?  

It is a liquid polymer that chemically bonds with the vehicles paint creating a strong barrier of protection.  


-Protection from UV damage/Oxidization

-Protects from chemical stains

-Creates a super smooth surface making it difficult for dirt to stick

-No more waxing/polishing

-A superior shine that makes it stand out among other cars

-Saves you time and money cleaning and maintaining your vehicle

With durability measured in years not months like wax your vehicle will look its best for years to come.


Express 3yr coating (no polishing) starts at $699

3yr SB3 ceramic coating starts at $999

5yr SB3 ceramic coating starts at $1299

Revivify Self heal Pro starts at $1499

Revivify Self heal Ultra starts at $1699

Revivify Self Heal Graphene Pro start at $1899

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